Santa at Bunratty

Experience a winter wonderland of magical, festive atmosphere. Give the children an experience they’ll remember for years to come in a unique and traditional village street setting at Bunratty Folk Park on November 25th to Friday December 23rd 2017. (inclusive).  

Come with all the family to visit Santa Claus & his Elves in his Grotto. Call in to see Mrs. Claus in her kitchen as she prepares for Santa's trip - making sure his clothes are ironed and he has plenty of food for his journey.  Listen to the Folk Park story teller as he recalls colourful tales of Christmas long ago.  A complimentary glass of mulled wine and mince pies awaits Mummy and Daddy in Corry’s Pub.  The village street is decked with holly, and festooned with fairy lights, and the village Christmas tree is adorned for the occasion.  

The young and not so young are treated to a fabulous puppet show. Meet and chat with all the Christmas Characters who will be wandering the village street, you might even bump into Scrooge and mind he doesn’t spoil the Christmas cheer!  Christmas themed shops selling Christmas fare will ensure you can get in a bit of last minute shopping.  Book now and you won’t be disappointed.

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Admission is from 25th November - 23rd December at various times. Reservations are necessary. As this is a capcity controlled event it is not included in the Membership programme.  For more details see the Book Now page.


Q. What is the procedure upon arrival ?

A. When you arrive please check in at Admissions giving you name and time of booking at the Admissions. You will proceed in the company of our Elves to Santa Registration in the Corn Barn. Once you have registered, your children can partake in the games activities and  while you enjoy refreshments while you wait to be called. Each family is assigned an hourly slot.

Q. Do I have to arrive exactly at the set appointment time?
A. No, you can arrive before the appointed time but we kindly request that you register with 'Santa registration' upon arrival.  If you have questions please consult with the Admissions desk upon arrival.

Q. If my appointed time is for example 5.00p.m. do I get to visit Santa at exactly 5.00p.m?

A. No – you have been given an hourly slot. You will see Santa some time between 5.00p.m. and 6.00p.m. You will be advised of your time upon arrival at Santa Registration and an Elf will guide you to Santa’s Grotto.

Q. What are the dates and operating times for  the Christmas experience start ? (Please Note the castles closes daily at 4.00p.m. as normal)

Sat Nov 25th : 12 to  8.00p.m (Private Booking all day in Santa’s Grotto- however the remainder of site is open to visitors. )

Sun Nov 26th – 12.00 to  8.00p.m.

Thurs Nov 30th  -  4.00p.m. to 8.00p.m.

Fri Dec 1st:  - 4.00 to 8.00p.m.

 Sat Dec 2nd  - 12.00  to 8. 00pm. 

Sun Dec 3rd - 12.00  to 8.00p.m

Wed Dec 6th – 4.00p.m. to 8.00p.m. 

Thurs Dec 7th  4.00p.m. to 8.00p.m.

Fri Dec 8th – 2.00p.m. to 8.00p.m.

Sat Dec 9th – 12.00. to 8.00p.m.

Sun Dec 10th – 12.00. to 8.00p.m.

Mon Dec 11th – 4.00p.m. to 8 .p.

Tues Dec 12th- 4.00pm. to 8.00p.m.

Wed Dec 13th – 4.00p.m to 8.00p.m.

Thurs Dec 14th – 4.00pm. to 8.00p.m.

Fri Dec  15th – 12.00 to 8.00p.m.

Sat Dec 16th – 12.00  to 8.00p.m.

Sun Dec 17th – 11.00am to 9.00pm.

Mon Dec 18th – 12.00 to 8.00p.m.

Tues Dec 19th – 2.00p.m. to 8.00pm.

Wed 20th Dec – 12.00 to 8.00p.m.

Thurs 21st Dec 12 to 8.00p.m.

Fri Dec 22nd 12 to 8.00p.m.

 Sat Dec 23rd – 11.00am  to  6.00p.m)


Q. Can I bring a buggy into the grotto?

A. Yes 

Q. Is there wheelchair access to Christmas experience?
A. Yes - however the paths in Bunratty Folk Park are uneven in places and there are some cobble stones in the perimeter of the Village Street. During inclement weather certain paths will be muddy. Please note the Castle is not wheelchair accessible.

Q. What are the opening hours for the Castle ?

A. Bunratty Castle opens at 9.00am and closes promptly daily at 4.00p.m.

Q. Are there dining facilities on site?

A.Yes, there are two dining options including  O'Regan’s Cafe, and Mac's Pub with varied food offerings. 

Q. Are there any special dining offers ?

A. There are meal deals and seasonal treats in Bunratty Folk Park at Mr. O’Regan café and Bunratty Corn Barn.

 Q. Is it advisable to make dining reservations in advance?

A. No reservations are not required as there is a constant turnover of tables both in O’Regan’s Café and Mac’s Pub. We regret tables cannot be held at this busy time.

Q. What is included in the Santa experience*?

  • *Santa visit including gift for each child booked
  • Mrs. Claus and Visit to Santa's bedroom
  • “Santa’s Little Helpers” activity workshop
  • Santa Registration Fun & Games with the Elves
  • Once upon a Starry Night” Christmas stories
  • Mulled Wine & Mince pies in Corn Barn or Corry’s Bar
  • Christmas time memories and stories with Mike the Seanachai
  • Balloon shop in Village Street
  • A host of colourful characters including Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman, Scrooge and the Artful Dodger
  • Bunratty Polar Express Train ride (optional extra)
  • Exploration Dome with Christmas theme
  • Games and Activities for young teens and ‘tweens’ in Hayshed area
  • Fairy Village and fairy lights
  • Nativity scene on polar express trail
  • Christmas carousels
  • Polar Express Hot Chocolate, Sweets and Treats –shop in Village Street
  • Photograph (optional extra)

*Santa visit must be booked in advance

Q. If I have additional adults joining my party after my booking has been confirmed, can they still join us?

A. Yes, additional adult tickets may be purchased upon arrival at the advertised rate of €14 if they wish to be included in the visit Santa's grotto. Visitors are welcome to visit the Christmas Experience (excluding Santa) at a rate of €10.00 before 5.00p.m.  After 5.00p.m. this rate is further reduced to €8.00 per adult and €5.00 per child . 1 adult and 1 child €10.00 .  A family 2+2 after 5.00p.m. is €20.00.

Further information is available from Tel: 061 360788


Please see map of Christmas Village at Bunratty 2017 below

 christmas map 2017