Viking Celebration of Bealtaine at Craggaunowen

Prepare yourself, hide your valuables, as word has spread the Vikings are planning a rampage through the lands of Craggaunowen  in celebration of Bealtaine on Bank Holiday Sunday May 6th from 11am to 5pm.

These pagan warriors covered in maille armour, wielding swords, spears and axes will set up camp in this wonderful woodland setting and demonstrate traditional crafts such as net making, Viking cooking methods, blacksmithing, weaving and more. They worship their heathen gods Odin and Thor and call for their strenght as they go into battle.

In preparation for battle these Vikings will be demostrating on the day many traditional crafts and methods used by their culture including ...

  • Net making: Fishing was crucial to Vikings, and making a net was repeditive and slow, but it was a vital tool.
  • Viking Cooking: Cooking displays using only accurate ingredients that the Vikings would have had access to. All made by hand in our accurate cooking set up (pictured)
  •  Silver-making:The Vikings prized silver above all else, Viking silversmith casts replicas of original finds.
  • Blacksmiting: Blacksmiths kept everything going…. Tools, weapons, pots and everything down to the iron nails that held their famous boats together! Blacksmith in his field forge and start smithing!
  • Weaving:  This practice uses dozens of different coloured strands of wool or linen and weaves them into beautiful patterns that were highly prized, Think of tablet weave like your newest most fashionable pair of shoes or bag
  • Hide tanning: Leather was important to the Vikings, armour, belts and boots were all made from it. Our expert tanner, will display and talk the public through how to tan a hide. 

All of these activities will be taking place in the heart of a Viking village which will be set up at Craggaunowen for the event, complete with istorically accurate tents that act as a stall or workshop for the crafters and also a place to sleep whilst off 

However be prepared as word has it that a Viking battle may take place on the day as the warriors battle it out to reign victorious over the lands of Craggaunowen.