Notes for Teachers


Spanning 800 years of Irish history, King John’s Castle tells our story through its walls, the people who built and lived with-in them, and the people outside who wanted to get in. As such it represents an incredible educational resource for teaching aspects of the school curriculum.

Shannon Heritage, the company managing the attraction has created a unique digital resource on Norman Ireland for teachers and students to complement the school text books.

“A Norman’s Life” tells the story of life inside a Norman Castle, with quizzes, puzzles and games, and over 100 digital stickers to collect and swap. Experiences the sights and sounds of twelfth century Ireland in an exciting new teaching resource.

Relevant Strand Units in the SESE (Social, Environmental and Scientific Education) curriculum for 5th and 6th class students:

Early People and Ancient Societies:


Life, Society, Work and Culture in the Past:

Life in Norman Ireland, Life in medieval towns and countryside in Ireland and Europe.



Do you want to use the King John’s Castle sticker book in your classroom to teach your students about Norman Ireland?

If so please contact Linda Hall, Education Manager at Shannon Heritage,, with your name, your class and the number of your students in your class. We will send you usernames and passwords for your class, and lesson plans for you to teach about Norman Ireland.

  • The King John’s Castle Sticker book has a number of Child Safe Features:
  • No direct interaction between children, except to swap stickers with a YES/NO decision
  • No way to directly identify a child collecting the stickers
  • A profanity filter on names to prevent the use of unsuitable usernames
  • An U13 safe space in which children only swap with others the same age.