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Bunratty Castle celebrates 50 years of Banqueting

Bunratty Castle Medieval banquet, Ireland’s longest running dinner entertainment, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. This is one of Ireland’s most successful tourism stories, having begun in 1963 against all the odds. The programme of entertainment has been adapted and modified over the years to take account of new singing styles but still maintains the same degree of professionalism.

Along with the well established traditional/classical Irish repertoire of very well known songs, which Bunratty Banquet is well recognized for, we have added a range of popular songs for special occasions and times of the year such as Christmas, Easter, Weddings by famous songwriters e.g Ivor Norvello, Gershwin, Lloyd Webber In the past the Bunratty Singers were strictly female with the Butler joining in some parts. Now, the core group of singers always consists of at least 3 men and 5 ladies…a complete change in sound as we now perform SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Base) arrangements.