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Historic Patrick Pearse Letter on display for a limited time only at GPO Witness History!

Pearse Letter

His last official letter, written from Arbour Hill Prison three days before his execution, Pearse’s letter urged rebels that were held up in the Four Courts to surrender to the British. After reading the letter, the commander of the rebels laid down his arms and surrendered.

At GPO Witness History, located in the heart of the historic GPO on Dublin’s O’Connell Street, visitors will be able to view the original letter and learn more about the circumstance surrounding it.

Aline FitzGerald, the General Manager of GPO Witness History is pleased with the acquisition, “It is our privilege and an honour to have the opportunity to display this document, never previously accessible to the public, and of such historic significance. This is the first addition to our exhibition since opening what has become a must see visitor centre in Dublin.”

Speaking about this historical artefact, Stuart Cole, Director of Adams Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers said,” this is a unique part of Irish history and we are delighted that it will be on display at the GPO Witness History Visitor Centre prior to it being auctioned. It is expected to achieve in the region of €1million to €1.5 million at the end of November”.

The letter forms just one part of the visitor experience. GPO Witness History is an immersive, interactive visitor attraction bringing history to life though technology, video, sound and authentic artefacts. Its special effects, soundscapes and heartfelt stories of real people in extraordinary circumstances will captivate all age-groups - - from the culturally curious international visitor to the well-informed history buff – there’s plenty to interest and engage individuals, families and touring groups.


Make sure to plan a trip with family or friends to come see the Pearse letter before it is too late. For more information or to book tickets please visit