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Winter Music Day returns to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park for 2018

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A full day of concerts at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park on Saturday Jan 20th gives the day tripper a chance to experience a variety of songs and tunes. 

Bands and artists performing at the folk park on the day include Coda, Athenry Youth Orchestra with Regroovanatio, Billow Wood, J Bozeman & the Lazy Pigs, Maple Tree Circus,  Sandymount Gospel Choir, Sarah Savoy and much more offering a mixture of country, classicial, bluegrass, trad to name but a few.

The 2018 trad. highlight of the festival is the Saturday concert with fiddle legend Frankie Gavin and concertina master Noel Hill, joined by pianist Brian McGrath, while bluegrass fans look forward to the return of Greg Blake who has formed a special band from an elite collection of top notch American bluegrass artistes.

Jimmy Bozeman & the Lazy Pigs, bring Honky Tonk / Country-bluegrass sounds from the Czech Rep. and from France, Sarah Savoy is back playing wild Cajun tunes.

On the home front, Luka Bloom makes his first festival appearance. From Mayo, Flat Out bring trad and original folk while Coda bring sweet mellow harmonies. The Polyphonics Barbershop Chorus join in from Cork, and DD and the Delta Blues band will rock down from Donegal. Cork is well represented with Two Time Polka (Cajun) replacing Skazz on the schedule and Cork poetry group O’Bheal, headed by Paul Casey will give you a break from all the music on Saturday at 5pm. Swiss country band Maple Tree Circus are back, as are the Athenry Youth Orchestra who partner with an exciting young band from Dublin ReGroovanation. Classic Bluegrass will be provided by the group Woodbine while festival favourites The Fake McCoy’s will entertain us with Ragtime County Blues.

For more information on the festival visit or on the Winter Music Day at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park click here