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Viking Invasion of Craggaunowen this May Bank Holiday Sunday

Viking Craggaunowen NEWS

Several battles will place during the day with warring warriors unleashing their fierce battle skills for visitors to witness. Fighting is expected to be hot and heavy but unlike historic battles of yesteryear there will be no blood spilt.

As part of the celebration of Bealtaine at Craggaunowen these pagan warriors will be demonstrating exactly how they lived during the Viking age. Visitors can start their experience by taking a trip to the Viking Village. These historically accurate tents act as workshops for crafters. This family event is suitable for all ages.

You may also see a Viking taking a quick nap whilst taking a break from raiding! Be warned, Vikings don’t rest for long though and you’ll want to take cover as they battle it out for victory and show exactly what made these legendary warriors so feared.

Of course, they also had a calmer side. Witness the Vikings demonstrating their many other skills which include net making and hide tanning. It may surprise you to learn that they were also enthusiastic about cooking. Visitors will get to see cooking demonstrations using only authentic ingredients that the Vikings would have had access to.

Blacksmiths were a very important part of any Viking settlement, making tools, weapons, pots and everything down to the iron nails that held their famous boats together! Visitors can watch the blacksmith hard at work in his field forge!

Speaking ahead of the Viking Celebration of Bealtaine at Craggaunowen, Niall O’Callaghan, Managing Director of Shannon Heritage said: “The Viking Celebration of Bealtaine at Craggaunowen will give visitors a real flavor of how the Vikings lived over 1000 years ago. Visitors will feel like they have travelled back through time and will get to experience a Viking battle, walk around the Viking village and learn about the many skills the Vikings possessed.

“The Celtic Festival of Bealtaine marks the beginning of summer in the ancient Celtic calendar and we are looking forward a fantastic day of activity at Craggaunowen to celebrate the day on the 6th May.”

The Viking Celebration of Bealtaine at Craggaunowen takes place on Sunday 6th May from 11am-5pm.