Bunratty Castle

World Famous Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

Bunratty Castle & Folk Park is a must on your itinerary to Ireland. This is your chance to experience a window on Ireland’s past and explore the acclaimed 15th century Bunratty Castle and the 19th century Bunratty Folk Park.

Bunratty Castle Medieval Banquet

Our award winning Banquet's at Bunratty Castle are renowned world wide. Experience a glorious banquet at our majestic 15th century Bunratty Castle where The Earl’s Butler welcomes guests from the four corners of the world, toasting an era of great Irish taste with excellent food, fine wine and honey mead. Learn More

Bunratty Folk Park

Bunratty Folk Park is set on 26 acres with our impressive park featuring over 30 buildings in a ‘living’ village and rural setting. Rural farmhouses, village shops and streets are recreated and furnished as they would have appeared at that time.  

The village houses and shops in the Folk Park have been chosen from many different areas, to form a collection of typical 19th century urban Irish buildings – including the school, doctor’s house, pawnbrokers, pub, drapery, print works, grocery, hardware shop, pottery and a post office. Read more about Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

Bunratty House & Walled Garden

Bunratty House & Walled Garden

The very beautiful Bunratty House is a surviving part of the demesne which was originally formed around the now famous Bunratty Castle. The garden was built for the house c 1804.

The walled gardens spread just under half an acre which would be considered relatively small. This was essentially due to the fact that a large garden would have existed within the demesne, located north of the castle. This large garden would have functioned as a kitchen garden for Bunratty House and therefore it was unnecessary to have another large production garden. Read more on our Bunratty Castle & Folk Park Website or book tickets today. 


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