Happy Birthday to…Meabh and Saoirse!

23 Feb 2020
Happy Birthday to…Meabh and Saoirse!

Celebrate Bunratty's resident wolfhounds' second birthdays!

There is a big birthday celebration taking place at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park on Sunday 23rd February as Meabh and Saoirse - Bunratty's resident Irish wolfhounds – turn two years old!
To celebrate the occasion Shannon Heritage, part of the Shannon Group, is holding a big birthday bash at Bunratty Castle from 1pm – 4pm. There will be a variety of activities and entertainment for all the family taking place during the afternoon including face-painting, a kiddies disco, a LEGO play and performances from the very popular Konor the Clown.
Don’t miss the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to Meabh and Saoirse as the wolfhounds are presented with a very special birthday present of a neckerchief at 2pm. Both Meabh and Saoirse are looking forward to having all their fans and friends there for the special occasion!
Speaking about the birthday celebration, Niall O’Callaghan, Managing Director of, Shannon Heritage said: “Since coming to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, Meabh and Saoirse have really made themselves at home and are proving to be really popular with our visitors. We are proud of our great team here that takes excellent care of Meabh and Saoirse ensuring that they are very happy at Bunratty Castle. This will be a great celebration with a fantastic afternoon of entertainment. It’s not every day you get to have a birthday party for two Irish wolfhounds.”
The two Irish wolfhounds were named after Shannon Heritage ran a competition on its Facebook page where it invited members of the public to suggest potential names. Entries were received from all over Ireland, UK, India, US and as far afield as New Zealand. In the end, Tipperary Lady, Charlotte Bond was chosen as the winner. Her suggestion of Meabh and Saoirse was chosen from over 1000 names.
Shortly after, Meabh and Saoirse gained fame with a television appearance on the Ray D’Arcy television show.
Wolfhounds were regular guests at Bunratty Castle from the early days of the medieval banquets in the 1960’s. The animals would roam the great hall and dining areas as would have been the custom in medieval times.
Irish wolfhounds are known for being gentle, friendly and very intelligent, and they inhabited Ireland long before the arrival of Christianity and the written word. Known in Irish as ‘Cu Faoil’ denoting bravery, the Irish wolfhound is the stuff of legends.
Throughout history this tallest of dogs has been a warrior, a hunter, and a companion to nobility. Historically these dogs were used to hunt big game, such as wolf and elk, and they gained a reputation for unequalled valour. The Irish wolfhound even participated in battle, pulling men off horseback to be slain.
They have great size, power and speed, and an adult weighs about 100 pounds. Irish wolfhound adult males can attain the stature of a small pony. Despite their size, these shaggy-coated animals have a peaceful and quiet personality. They are affectionate and love to be with people.
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