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Late opening and lots to enjoy at Bunratty Folk Park

Animators at Bunratty Folk Park

Summer is truly here and Bunratty Castle & Folk Park is alive with activity.  We’ve extended our normal hours of opening to 7.00 p.m. every day and there’s so much so see and do. Come and visit us.  Bunratty Folk Park is no ordinary museum, with exhibits in a glass case, it actively keeps alive the memory of a culture and a way of life in Ireland now seldom seen with the passage of time.
The Folk Park is alive with activity, with an array of characters clad in 19th century period costume.  Bean-a- ti (women of the house) welcomes guests and are eager to impart tales of Ireland as it was long ago.  As you venture towards the Castle you’ll meet Michael, our resident Blacksmith who’s always in good cheer. Mind your manners on the village street as the village policeman might give you a ticket! The village school teacher is holding class in the Belvoir School – he might ask you to bring a sod of turf for the fire.  If you’re not feeling too well, pop into the local Doctor’s surgery ; he might have a 19th century cure for your ailments!!
Practising traditional Irish skills in the setting in which they were nurtured is an important part of the Bunratty Folk Park experience. Butter making in a “dash” churn, soda-bread baking in a pot oven over an open turf fire, or thatching are some of the activities which can sometime be observed. 
New at Bunratty Folk Park is a fantastic natural adventure playground.   A timber structure housing 4 towers constructed from robinia wood with rope walks and belt bridges creates a fortified castellated fun filled tower that gives vantage views to the surrounding country landscape. Further features include a play ship theme, a 25m zipline, and a variety of swings. Kids are loving it and so are their happy parents !
An array of farm animals live at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, donkeys, sheep, deer, goats, ducks, peacocks among them. Our Falabella horse called ‘Winkle’, the world’s smallest breed of horse, and our Shetland ponies called ‘Jess’ and ‘Perry’.  The tamworth piglets are the cutest you’ll ever see and there are cute kids and lambs too.
This is one place where time really does stand still and since it opened in 1964, the Park has given millions of people a glimpse of rural Irish life.  Bunratty Folk Park is alive at night as much as day where each night. The Corn Barn is the venue for the Traditional Irish Night at 7pm nightly an evening of Irish music, dance, song, stories, laughter and traditional Irish food.  A troupe of resident entertainers dressed in Irish costume demonstrate the art of Irish dancing and give visitors an opportunity to learn a few steps. 
While you’re here you’ll definitely want to experience our Castle dinner entertainments. The world famous Bunratty Medieval Castle Banquet takes place at 5.30pm and 8.45pm every night. Reservations are necessary for Dinner Entertainments.