Craggaunowen Castle

Craggaunowen – The Living Past Experience.

Shannon Heritage are proud to introduce Ireland’s original award winning Pre-historic Park. Come and explore the roots of the people, homesteads, animals and artifacts of our Celtic ancestors of over 1,000 years ago which have touched and shaped how we live today.

At Craggaunowen, It's not just a visit, it's an adventure. 

About Craggaunowen

There is lots to see and do at Craggaunowen. Experience The Brendan Boat, a hide boat in which Tim Severin sailed from Ireland to the United States or enjoy visiting Craggaunowen's Ring Fort, a true reproduction of a farmer's house, dating from the 4th or 5th century. Ring forts, of which there are about 40,000 examples throughout Ireland, were the standard type of farmstead during the early Christian Period (5th -12th centuries AD).

Craggaunowen also features a Souterrain (below ground) or underground passage which was designed primarily as food storage areas which were ventilated, but draft free. Cragganowen promises to be an experience to rememeber. Book Tickets


Can you imagine what life was like for people in the Bronze Age? How did they adapt? At Craggaunowen you will experience the resilience and fortitude of these early Bronze Age settlers as students are transported through time to see how Irish people lived.

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