Corporate Social Responsibility

Running a business in a responsible manner is essential for the continued development of a sustainable business for present and future generations. At Shannon Heritage, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes well beyond our environmental impact.

Shannon Heritage places a strong emphasis on working responsibly and actively engaging with our local community. As a commercial semi-state, we understand that our work has an impact on the environment, the communities in which we operate and our stakeholders. We believe in carrying out our duties in a socially responsible way ensuring that we are contributing to the locality.

We have an ethical labour practice which treats our team members fairly and ethically and every staff member throughout our company is empowered to engage with our Corporate Social Responsibility ethos.

Shannon Heritage strives to strengthen the skillset within our company, and create a culture that makes a difference to our customers’ experience and maximises the outcome of their involvement with us. We are also committed to carrying out our legal and administrative responsibilities in a way that delivers benefits for all stakeholders, including employees, the environment and the community around us.

Shannon Heritage and its Community

Shannon Heritage takes great pride in the communities in which our attractions operate. The company regularly gets involved with and supports community clean up initiatives, works with local schools on heritage education projects and engages and supports local festivals and events. Since our integration into the Shannon Group in 2014, our team have raised over €230,000 for a range of worthy charities. It is our small way of giving back and saying thank you to our loyal community of supporters. Read more about our Charities of the year on the Shannon Group site. 

Shannon Heritage and it's Environment

Shannon Heritage recognises it's responsibility to minimise the impact of our attractions operations on the local environment by means of a programme of continuous improvement.

  • We are very conscious of the unique environment in which many of our attractions are situated. At Bunratty Castle and Folk Park we have created a Wildlife Habitat where birds and insects can live undisturbed.   
  • In addition manure produced by the animals at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park is used on a daily basis in our gardens for the fertilization of plants and flowers
  • All food waste at these attractions is recycled as animal feed for the various breeds of animals that reside on side thus cutting down on the amount that goes to landfill. In fact we actively promote recycling across all areas of our business which has resulted in 70% of our total waste being composted.
  • Water conservation - senor taps are used across our sites.
  • Ground to Green promotion where all our ground coffee beans are given out to our site customers for personnel use on their lawns & gardens
  • Reusable Cup Initiative – visitors who present reusable cups at our dining outlets receive a percentage off their purchase.
  • Pre-set controlled dosing pumps in machines such as dishwashers.
  • Cardboard, plastic and paper waste taken away by an approved management company for recycling.
  • Waste oil taken away by approved vendor for reprocessing.
  • We also work with several local suppliers for our food offering which not only reduces our carbon footprint but has a direct benefit to the local economy.
  • LED lighting is used across attractions, where possible, to reduce energy costs.
  • Where possible, staff are locally employed which reduces travel time and energy.