Knappogue Castle

Knappogue Castle

In 1571, Knappogue castle became the seat of the MacNamara Clan, Earls of West Clancullen. In 1641 it was occupied by Oliver Cromwell's troops, but later returned to the MacNamara Clan who sold it to the Scots in 1800. 

Knappogue Castle is a tower house, built in 1467 and expanded in the mid-19th century. Located in Quin, County Clare, the castle has played host to two Irish presidents, as well as other heads of state, including General de Gaulle. Today, you can experience an evening of entertainment that is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Knappogue Banquets

Knappogue Castle was restored by the Andrew's Family who very kindly allowed Shannon Heritage to use the Castle as a second venue for the growing numbers of tourist who wished to attend a banquet.

From the outset quality was the objective. Professional producers, voice trainers and choreographers were employed and young Irish singers and musicians were trained to entertain to the highest standards which are still displayed to this day. 

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Knappogue Weddings

Knappogue Castle is delighted to welcome brides and grooms from all over the world to celebrate their wedding blessings with us.

Ceremonies can be held in a number of spaces within the castle grounds including our elegant drawing rooms, Clancullen Hall or indeed in our formal gardens. 

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