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Lughnasa Festival at Craggaunowen, August Bank Holiday Weekend

Craggaunowen - The Living Past Expereince 150 x 152

The event will be staged by Claíomh Living History Group whose members have many years of experience as historical interpreters and living history specialists.
Speaking about the upcoming event, John Ruddle, Chief Executive Shannon Heritage said: “The ancient pagan festival of ‘Lughnasa’ marks the first day of autumn and the start of the harvest season. Shannon Heritage is delighted to offer visitors to Craggaunowen the opportunity to celebrate ‘Lughnasa’ in style from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm each day. Claíomh Living History Group will give visitors a unique glimpse of what living conditions were like for medieval families living in a Crannóg. On display will be a range of clothing, artefacts, weapons and silverwork.”
A number of showcase events from different time periods are planned over the weekend including a display of 1916 era with memorabilia, weaponry and clothing from the Irish Volunteers on display at Craggaunowen castle green.
Throughout the festival there will also be talks on various aspects of life from historic periods including how families protected themselves from attack.
Described as Ireland's Golden Age, the Early Christian period will also be brought to life for visitors. The action will be based around the Ring Fort at Craggaunowen where a range of aspects of life from 2nd to 8th century Ireland will be demonstrated. A legendary Irish chariot, which is a reconstruction based on High Cross carvings and literary references, will also be on display for visitors to view at the Ring Fort.
Visitors will be able to see demonstrations of 16th century life and also gain an insight into 15th and 16th century military technologies and methods with a display of reconstructed clothing, arms and armour. There will be demonstrations of ancient carving techniques on a Pole Lathe. A full programme of events for the day will be available at the Craggaunowen admissions building.
In addition, visitors to the site will be able to see the Brendan boat, the original boat used by explorer Tim Severin in 1976 to prove that St. Brendan could have discovered America 1,000 years before Columbus.
Further information on the ‘Lughnasa’ Festival at Craggaunowen is available at or Shannon Heritage at Tel: 061– 360788. Tickets are available on the day and they can also be bought online.