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Harvest Day at Bunratty Folk Park 2015

The annual gathering of the Harvest will be celebrated in style at Bunratty Folk Park, Co. Clare from 1pm to 5pm on Sunday 27th September 2015 with a traditional 19th century Harvest event.  On Harvest Sunday visitors to the Folk Park can enjoy a flavour of rural Irish life from over 100 years ago. Owners of vintage tractors and machinery from far and wide will proudly display their wares for what promises to be a great family day out.  

A host of events are planned, from old style threshing demonstrations, storytelling with local seanachaí, to traditional butter churning and bread baking demonstrations, blended together with plenty of music, song and dance.

In olden days threshing was backbreaking work, which started early in the mornings and continued until the end of the day with neighbours and friends, all gathering to help out. The machine, and all the activity about it, had a special attraction for children. Its moving belts, the noise from inside and the way it put out straw and oats, was as intriguing back then as the latest computer game is today.

“We are delighted to recapture the harvest traditions which brought communities together to support each other. This is a special event in our calendar and attracts people from all over the country,” said John Ruddle, Chief Executive, Shannon Heritage.

The Bunratty Folk Park Bean a Ti' (Woman of the house) will demonstrate the art of bread baking and butter churning and generously offer delicious tastings. The village school master will greet children and adults as they hand over their customary sod of turf for the tiny school room fire.

Visitors will be able to soak up the atmosphere of the musicians and the Strawboys performing in the Folk Park Village Street during the afternoon. All are welcome to enjoy traditional storytelling by the resident Seanachai, the music and dancing, the sheaf throwing demonstrations and the Tug of War. 

No reservations are necessary and tickets are available from the Bunratty Folk Park admissions desk on the day or online at  A full listing of events and the times for each will be on view at the reception to Bunratty Folk Park. Normal admission rates apply. Special family tickets are available.