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1798 Rebellion Reenactment at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

Eviction pic

An historic event is planned for Febraury 12th 2017 at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park In 1798 Irish Men and Women with the help of their French allies rose against English rule for over 4 months, leaving between 20,000 and 50,000 dead.

This Rebellion involved the soldiers of the United Irishmen, France and Great Britain.


Through a mix of Living History and Re-enactments, discover the reasons behind the Rebellion, the battles fought and the aftermath.

Highlights on the day will include historical reenactments, a harrowing eviction scene highlighting the unjust rental laws which dominated Irish history for a long period.


Re-enactors from around Ireland in association with Shannon Heritage will showcase this period in history in a interactive, educational and entertaining manner.