The Shannon Castle & Banquets Heritage DAC portfolio has developed over the past 50 years from one product in 1963, which was the Medieval Banquet at Bunratty Castle, to a total of 7 day visitor experiences and 4 evening entertainments located in the Shannon Region.  

The spirit of innovation of those early days has left us a lasting legacy.  The enduring success of Bunratty Castle and its Medieval Banquets has served as a model – one which has been imitated, in other parts of the world but not equalled. We are dedicated to capturing the past at our visitor attractions and dinner entertainments in a way you can enjoy and appreciate. We fervently hope that our efforts ensure that you have a fun, value for money experience.

Our Mission Statement

To develop, manage and operate commercially sustainable products and related activities by providing heritage experiences to international standards utilising our natural and built environment.  The company recognises the need to achieve a balance between its custodial/curatorial role and the need to operate in a commercial environment.’

Our website brings together all of the experiences we have developed to date.  However we never sit still, and over the next few years we will continue to develop innovative heritage experiences and world class evening entertainments.  We welcome your comments and if we can make your visit here more enjoyable, please tell us how... we’d love to hear from you!

We look forward to meeting you at Shannon Heritage. If you are planning your visit see some top tips and useful links in our Plan Your Visit section.

Limerick Chamber of Commerce Finalist 2017